Maskeliya Plantations PLC and all its employees firmly believe that the health and safety of the one and all, as well as the quality of the environment, are fundamental to our business and to our sustainable growth.

We are therefore committed to implement fully this policy, which will contribute positively to our personal growth, welfare and productivity, the interest of the community, the care and enhancement of the environment, our business success, the nation’s socio-economic development and to global peace and prosperity.

In conducting our business on a highly moral and ethical manner, we will undertake the following measures.

Health and Safety Provision :
 Ensure a health and safe workplace and clean working environment.
 Prevent and likely accidents and occupational illnesses.
 Conduct regular reviews and audit of all operations.
Protection and enhancement of the Environment :
 Introduce new processes that are clean and cost-effective.
 Improve existing activities for total compliance of all relevant laws, regulations and standards.
 Conduct regular monitoring and audit of possible sources of pollution.
 Protect all Fauna & Flora available in our plantations.
Care for all :
 Care for one another, the community, country and the planet.