DR L SAMAN K HETTIARACHCHI obtained PhD degree from the University of Aberdeen, UK carrying out research on liming acid tea soils, after graduating from University of Peradeniya with a BSc Special honours degree majoring chemistry. Professionally, he is an Agricultural Chemist, having specialized in soil science and plant nutrition, and involved in technological and policy interventions for the promotion of rational fertilizer use in tea and other crop sectors in Sri Lanka. Also, he has been a Chartered Chemist, authorized by the Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon; a section of Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK. At the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka (TRISL), he holds the Additional Director position, next to the CEO of the Institution. His responsibilities are to coordinate, monitor and evaluate research and development programs on tea cultivation and processing; and disseminate and deliver technical guidance collectively to address emerging challenges of local tea industry. Serving the tea industry over 30 years whilst working at TRISL, he is exposed to all the disciplines of Research and Development projects and their outputs and outcomes. Thus he is aware of necessary technological interventions for the adoption. Involving in consultative committees of the Sri Lanka Tea Research Board, national committees of the Departments, Organizations and Institutions, and interacting with both government and private sector organizations along with the stakeholders, he is quite aware about decision making and policy development processes in local environments. Besides, having to interact with global, regional and local organizations and entrepreneurs, he is acquainted with the global tea industry issues as well.