A business needs to be well focused in order to ensure that the Company is moving forward in it’s maximum speed. Living in an era with sound financial implications following the dark era we experienced in the recent past, MPPLC is looking way forward to thrive the market with it’s unique capabilities. Our operations are extended throughout 18 tea estates with 14 factories. Our total land base accounts for 10,560ha in 4 different geographical regions namely Upcot (2,568ha,) Maskeliya (2,548 ha), Talawakelle (1,519ha) and Bandarawela (3,925ha). Company possesses an annual production capacity of 9 Mn Kg with an overall workforce of 10,908 people. MPPLC is in the business of cultivating, manufacturing and selling of world famous black tea through tea broker companies to many reputed buyers around the globe. Facing many ups and downs, we have completed a successful journey of 25 years while stamping several golden remarks in front of the Company’s name. The year under review was spectacular with remarkable profits we achieved while stepping out of the loss making trend. Priceless efforts by Maskeliyans drew the Company towards financial excellence along with non financial soundness amidst challenging weather conditions,changes in government policies, global economic factors and many more. The Company is driven towards the ultimate vision with strategic capabilities available within the organization. Well defined core competencies inherent with the Company led Maskeliya to sustain among the best performers in the industry. Standing strong at present following several years with ups and downs, it’s our future focus to develop the business on a sustainable platform guided by the Sustainable development Goals. Planning, monitoring and controlling are being carried out in a continuous basis in order to ensure the consistency in operations. Energetic work force along with the smart management commit themselves diligently to create an optimum value for each and every resource employed with the business.