Minimum age policy for employment :
In keeping with the labour regulations of the country, the minimum age policy of the company is at present 16 years. No plantation will employ children below this age on permanent or casual basis.
However, the company will not encourage children coming in to employment until such time they are 18 years of age.
 Forced and bonded labour on the estate :
Company strictly prohibits the employment of forced and bonded labour.
 Equal opportunities / non-discrimination :
The company strictly adheres to a non discrimination policy for men and women workers, who will have equal opportunity for age and all facilities pertaining to employment.
However, women will be exempted from strenuous agricultural work, which is undertaken by male workers on piece rate basis.
 Harassment or abuse of any kind :
The company prohibits harassment, and conduct training sessions to create awareness on remedial measures if such abuses take place in the work place, and appropriate officer will be appointed to handle such issues in the work place.
 Rights of workers to form and joint trade unions and bargain collectively :
The company assures the rights of the workers to join trade union of their choice and engage in collective bargaining in order to resolve grievances in the work place.
 Working Hours :
In keeping with the labour regulations of the country, all plantation workers will be working from 8.30 to 5.30 P.M. with 1.5 hour break for meals.
 Guarantee of minimum wage :
The company will adhere to the wage structure in keeping with the collective agreement negotiated from time to time between the trade unions and the company.